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The following series began my inquiry into the relationship between expressions and impressions.


With Reflections, I am interested in the flow, the action of moving in and moving out.  Starting with a simple gesture or posture, I work with expressions of reflection.  The subject’s attention is directed inward, but there is a subtle relationship with it’s surroundings.


With Flirting, I was interested in the games people play through body language when pursuing love interests, and examine the intention to communicate with the self as much as with the other through expressions and impressions.  An expression holds not only the intention to communicate outwardly, but serves as much to communicate something with the self, creating an impression.


With Bend, the expressions are moving into the body as a whole.

Shared Breath

Reflections, Flirting and Bend (Complete Series)

Acrylic and watercolour on wood panel

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