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Developing a rigid plan for the final product of a painting has rarely been the path I’ve taken.  I am interested in what arises spontaneously, I work intuitively, and I choose my course of action by responding to what occurs randomly. If we pay attention and celebrate the random, we begin to see something new and discover what we never could have planned.

The process for making the paintings in the following series requires this balance between the random and deliberate actions and reactions.  It reveals the threshold between intention and accident, control and letting-go, planning and surprise, and the beauty that arises from this fine balance. And this, I believe, should be celebrated.

Happen Upon 1

Happen Upon 2

Happen Upon 3


Happen Upon 4

Happen Upon 11

Happen Upon 12

Happen Upon 13

Happen Upon 14

Happen Upon 15

Happen Upon 16

Happen Upon 17

Happen Upon 18

Happen Upon 19

Happen Upon 21

Happen Upon 22


Happen Stance series

Happen Dance

Happen Chants

Happen Glance

Happen Prance

Happen Trance

Happen Lands

Off Chance Series 

If I should be so lucky

Chance would be a fine thing

Random Fandom

Chance Dance

Hot Lot

Complete series slideshow

Happen Upon (Complete Series)

Acrylic on wood panel and canvas
(pieces can be hung any orientation)

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