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Potential was created from studies of neurons.

For the past few years I have been inspired by arteries as a system of lines that, within their abstraction, can contour, give shape and make visible, the bodies within which they themselves remain hidden. More recently my interest has turned towards the nervous system and after meeting with neuroscientists Amy Smith (during the Meet a Scientist Weekend at Science World) and Naila Kuhlmann (through Curiosity Collider), Potential emerged.

Similar to the arterial branches, neurons are a powerful symbol of pathways and travelling energy. They are networks that bridge the abstract with the material, and I am interested in how their networks of lines can also give shape to a recognizable form. Woven in each piece is a figure in action; bending, arching, diving, reaching.

I continue to work with watercolour, but the imaging technology used to study neurons inspired me to incorporate photography in my creative process. Combining the two mediums allowed me to play with the forms and allude to the process and aesthetic of scientific imaging while maintaining depth and a sense of looking into expansive space.


Potential 1

Potential 2


Potential 3

Potential 4

Potential 5


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‘Potential’ was created from studies of neurons and inspired by my conversations with neuroscientists.

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